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A/C Service at Mr. Cools Air Conditioning and Heating

Air conditioning service is found in almost every residence, but the machines involved are far from simple.  In fact, a person needs a lot of training in order to properly repair, maintain or install them. 

Therefore, only licensed air conditioning contractors should be given access to your HVAC system.  Though unauthorized handymen might be able to do the job for cheap, they may end up causing more problems (and thus, more expenses) for you.

Since an AC unit is such a big machine, it’s tough even to do a simple thing like moving it.  There’s no way to easily relocate the device.  Doing so requires some pretty heavy-duty equipment.  Finally, the unit needs to be put in a place where it can connect to the house’s ventilation.

If you’re worried about finding good service, let us take some of the load off of your back.  Here at Mr Cool’s Air Conditioning and Heating, we know how to move, repair, and install all kinds of HVAC units.